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Digital On-Hold Player

Model 7000player7000

We offer the easiest to use, most reliable "digital loop" player on the market. Your Custom On Hold Production (on CD, sold separately) is loaded into digital memory, using the built-in CD autoloader, and repeats automatically, forever. The CD is only used to load your Production; once the player has been loaded, there are NO moving parts to wear out! When you order a new Production, it is sent to you on CD, which you simply place into the player, and it does the rest! This is the ultimate "set & forget" system. This machine will interface with any office telephone system that has a "music" or "music on-hold" (MOH) input jack on the main board. In most cases, you can install it yourself in about ten minutes, no tools required**. It even comes tested and loaded with your first Custom On-Hold Production!

Digital On-Hold Player, Model 7000...... reg $499.95

Also, be sure to ask about a great deal on a pre-owned Player!!!

* Prices as of May 1, 2017. Prices subject to change without notice.
** In the event your phone system does not have an MOH input jack, consult your telephone system service department before ordering.

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